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3. Discussion and analysis of jurisdictions studied. 3.1 Overarching considerations


The discussion in this Section 3 is necessarily subject to a raft of considerations as regards the wider context in which CG standards are developed, acts are performed (or not performed) and responses and consequences assessed. While it is not a primary purpose of this Report to undertake a detailed examination of this wider context, it is appropriate to provide some commentary as a means of better illuminating the analysis in Sections 3.2 to 3.7. The balance of this Section 3.1 discusses:

thematic topics that have been identified from the key differences and observations of interest, a subset of which have led to recommendations (Section 3.1.1);

the trends in regulating CG standards across the jurisdictions studied (Section 3.1.2);

the role of culture in putting CG standards into effect (Section 3.1.3);

assessing the costs and benefits of regulation (Section 3.1.5);

the importance of maintaining competitiveness (Section 3.1.6);

the methodology by which good CG is measured and how this feeds into the development process (Section 3.1.6);

how effectiveness should be approached (Section 3.1.7).