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1. Introduction to the Study and its Purposes. 1.3.3 Recommendations

Each recommendation in Section 4 is based on the analysis in Section 3 and provides a cross reference to the relevant section(s) in which the analysis leading to the recommendation can be found.

Recommendations are developed according to a number of factors: the level of complexity involved to implement a recommendation, the support obtained for each recommendation, and whether a recommendation is likely to be contentious to the industry. As explained in Section 4, this gives rise to a system that serves to indicate the overall force of each recommendation:

Compelling (C) - Advocate (A) - Support (S) - Explore (E).

Each recommendation provides an outline of the steps suggested to implement it as well as the attendant considerations.

The recommendations are divided into a three main themes that are concerned with board processes, enforcement, and architecture and policy.

A total of 28 recommendations have been made.