Part 47: Final Provisions

Section 1298: Short title

1725.This section sets out the short title of the Act.

Section 1299: Extent

1726.This section provides that, except where otherwise provided for or the context requires otherwise, the Act extends to the whole of the United Kingdom (in other words, including Northern Ireland, as provided for in Part 45 and discussed in the notes to that Part).

Section 1300: Commencement

1727.Subsection (1) provides for commencement on Royal Assent of Part 43 (except for a definition not yet in force) and of sections 1274 and 1276, so that the provisions on transparency obligations and related matters, those conferring a statutory immunity from liability in damages in relation to the oversight of the actuarial profession and those relating to the extension of provisions of the C(AICE) Act 2004 to Scotland and Northern Ireland came into force on that date (8 November 2006). It also provides for Parts 46 (general supplementary provisions) and this Part to come into force on Royal Assent, except for the repeals Schedule.

1728.Subsection (2) provides for the Secretary of State or the Treasury to appoint by order the timing of commencement of the other provisions of the Act.